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Structural Repairs and Mini-Piling, Wiltshire: 2013


  • Two unconnected semi-detached properties constructed from in-situ concrete panels, both split in to two flats
  • The rear stairwells to the first floor flats with show significant signs of ongoing movement with cracks at varying heights.
  • Trial pits and dynamic probing confirm the properties are founded on clay with high shrinkage potential; there is significant vegetation in the immediate vicinity.
  • Underpinning had been recommended in an earlier report (by others)


  • A Bersche-Rolt Engineer prepared a repair scheme using Chance Helical Piles as an alternative to the underpinning works recommended in the report to rectify the foundation subsidence. The design, which included stitching across cracks, was accepted by the client.
  • 6 no. Chance Helical Piles were installed to the perimeter of each stairwell to the specified torque and attached to the base of the footing with brackets mounted on the piles.
  • Remedial B-R masonry reinforcement was installed to cracks and wall ties in the stairwell walls.

Link to more photos of mini-piling

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