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Wall Tie Installation and Concrete Repairs to Three Tower Blocks, Nottingham: 2015



  • Three fifteen storey tower blocks of "No-Fines" construction built in the 1960s.
  • Wall tie investigations revealed existing galvanised fishtail wall cramps and galvanised butterfly ties installed at various densities.
  • Cantilevered concrete balconies showed evidence of deterioration, with visibly spalling concrete and exposed corroding reinforcement. 
  • Concrete investigations found areas of low reinforcement cover and high carbonation depths and chloride levels.


  • Installation and testing of remedial cavity wall ties to bring the density up to modern standards.
  • Repairs undertaken to damaged areas of concrete, along with replacement of reinforcement, the application of a migrating corrosion inhibitor and sacrificial anodes.
  • All work undertaken from working mastclimber platforms with debris protection and exclusion zones set up around base of each mast.
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